FPC Reinforcement Plate

Min. Order: 100 Pieces
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Paypal
FPC Reinforcement Plate

Product Description

Product Name: FPC reinforcement plate

Material: SUS304/301 stainless steel

FPC reinforcement plate is used for electronic products reinforcing effect must be one of the building blocks. Zhuo Li Da FPC reinforcement plate production of high precision, the best choice is the alternative to the Japanese production. The flat uniform burrs, flatness keep below 0.02 is one of the characteristics of the FPC reinforcement plate. For FPC reinforcement plate products, Zhuo Li Da with sample production team, finished in 2-3 working days, our company strong technical force 8 (senior R & D engineers, 16 engineers and 20 technicians) and the state-of-the-art production equipment (imports etching machines) to ensure timely delivery deadlines. Safety, aesthetics, environmental bales. Clients of the Division I the etch product quality objection, the company will be made within 12 hours after the receipt of customer objection matters of opinion, every customer feedback, the etching product quality and processing results Division I will be archived. All products before shipment through the production inspection, quality inspection, shipment sampling personnel three quality inspection to ensure delivery to your hand product is eligible products

Q: What is etching process mature it? The bulk of the mass production of it? Counterparts why the price advantage?
A: YES, YES, we have more than ten years experience in etching and professional etching technology team. Zhuo Lida is one of the first to join the company of the the PCMI etching industry associations, ready to receive the technical guidance of the Association, and mature technology. Imports etching production line, large quantities of large-scale production, the etching automation, to avoid more personnel to operate, relative to peers, our price competitiveness.

Q: Why did you sell cheaper etching and Japan, the United States compared to?
A: Domestic advantage to change, plus the cost of labor, materials with respect to Japan, Europe and the United States, we are more competitive. However, we are not sitting on the advantages profiteering, but this part of the cost of eliminating the need for direct feedback to the vast number of customers, each customer to buy cheap products truly for the sake of customers.

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